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Marilyn Monroe and Multiple Personalities Series

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Marilyn Monroe and Narcissism

Marilyn Monroe and Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Marilyn Monroe to me is a woman who is endlessly fascinating. Previously I wrote about my belief that she could have had Aspergers Syndrome i.e. please see my previous article on Hub Pages, Marilyn Monroe and Aspergers Syndrome.
Now having delved into the Norma Jeane psychological make up a bit more and reading another biography about her life i.e. Marilyn Monroe, Private and Undisclosed by Michelle Morgan I think that the character that became Marilyn Monroe had many layers to her personality and that now it can never be truly unraveled.
Marilyn Monroe a woman with many characters

Marilyn Monroe and JoeDimaggio

The woman behind the legend was very smart but troubled

Below is a list of clues from Marilyn Monroe’s life that to me indicate that along with Aspergers Syndrome Marilyn quite possibly also had a Personality Disorder. It is a pretty frequent occurrence for a person who has had a traumatic childhood. Or also people on the Autism Spectrum are much more likely to also develop a Personality Disorder. The most common ones being:Borderline Personality Disorder,Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder. In the past it has often been speculated that Norma Jeane definitely ticked a lot of the right boxes for having certain characteristics of all three of these disorders.
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Was Bobby Kennedy part of Marilyn’s master plan to exact her revenge on JFK? Or could it have been her attempt at making JFK jealous? It is certainly possible but unfortunately for Marilyn it was a doomed plan from the start. Marilyn may have disastrously overestimated how her celebrity status could ever possibly be any match for the might of the Kennedy Clan.
When you have two Narcissists in a relationship it can only be a completely destructive experience and the only way it is going to end is very badly. Unfortunately for Marilyn this dangerous liaison was followed by the end of her life. Whatever the truth behind the Marilyn image really was she surely would be very happy now at how the Marilyn Monroe legend lives on ..
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